Jochen Snauwaert




I am a 28 year old diving idc staff instructor, born and living with my wife and baby in Belgium. We love to travel a lot.

My diving courses were followed @ duikpunt diving center, Ostend. I can recommend them a lot.

I have been diving in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, France, Spain, Egypt, Thailand, Maldives and Mauritius.  

My special interests are wreck diving, sea life in all its meaning, and of course photography. I learn and try new things every day. There are photos added regularly.

I hope in the future i can try rebreather and some more technical courses.

The photography equipment i use: a canon 7d dslr, ikelite housing, ikelite ds160 strobe, 17-85 usm lens, 100mm usm macro lens, 10-22 wideangle lens, magic filters, and some experimental stuff.


Wish list to-do dive spots:



  *Sardine run @ South Africa

  *Cocos Islands

  *...  (not enough webspace  :-)   )


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